Professional teeth whitening done safely

Teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular. Why? Because it works and it’s safe. Professional teeth whitening is a surefire way to improve your smile, and in short time. There are ways to do it on your own; however, the best and safest option is to have your teeth professionally whitened.

Side Effects

Like any procedure, teeth whitening does have a couple of side effects. “Procedure” is a strong word anyhow. After all, a teeth whitening appointment can be complete within half an hour. Plus, there are now options to whiten teeth through kits or special tooth pastes. The point is obtaining a whiter smile would not be so common or diverse if it wasn’t safe.

Tooth sensitivity is one side effect. It’s important to get the go ahead from your dentist before having your teeth whitened. Cavities can react harshly to the gel that is applied to your teeth during the appointment. Even if you do get your dentist’s approval, your teeth can still suffer from sensitivity. Some teeth are more sensitive than others; however, healthy teeth should result in minimal sensitivity, if any at all. Plus, there are many ways to aid sensitivity through simple post-treatment habits.

Gum irritation is the other side effect. Professional teeth whitening should completely rid of this side effect, though. Expert teeth whiteners in Frisco, TX use protective barriers to cover your gums and prevent the gel from coming in contact with them. Additional non-intrusive tools are used in whitening to avoid the gel from being swallowed. The gel is placed directly on a patient’s teeth and remains there for only 20 minutes.

Woman Receiving a Teeth Cleaning

A controlled process

Professional teeth whitening is a careful, controlled process. Experts at Xpress Whitening focus on preparation and precision. We offer single, double, and triple treatments. The treatments are identical, only the double treatment completes the whitening process twice and the triple treatment completes the process three times in a single appointment.

As previously mentioned, each treatment takes 20 minutes. Therefore, even if you opt in for the triple treatment, the longest you’ll be letting the gel sink in is 60 minutes. Throughout this time, we let you listen to music or whatever makes you feel comfortable. It’s a fluent process carried out by experienced, licensed professionals. We’ll walk you through the process step by step and execute it to perfection.

Believe us, teeth whitening is safe, both short-term and long-term. Come see for yourself!

Your smile is too important and too frequent to feel self-conscience about. You shouldn’t be afraid to smile no matter what your teeth look like. That being said, a whiter smile is a welcoming smile, to you and to those around you. Come see us at Xpress Whitening to obtain your desired smile! You can contact us at (469) 340-3200 if you have any questions or if you want to schedule an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment via our website.

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