Guidelines when using Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening is growing in popularity. There are now a number of options to whiten teeth, whether it be via the professional route, whitening kits, or whitening strips. If using a whitening product (kit or strips), be sure to use it strategically and practically in order to be safe and to get the best results.

We’ll guide you through some steps and precautions regarding the usage of whitening strips:

Trust the manufacturer

When in doubt, trust the manufacturer and do your research. Every product will have directions for use. Some may call for the strips to be applied twice a day, others may call for them to be used once every other day. Ultimately, there is quite the variety to choose from.

The Crest brand in itself has all sorts of teeth whitening strips in which usage ranges drastically. For instance, Crest has strips that should be applied once a day for five minutes and strips that should be applied once a day for two hours. There is some wiggle room with instructions; however, your best bet is to abide by what the professionals recommend.

Woman Using a Teeth Whitening Strip

Do not sleep with strips applied

One thing is for sure, you should never sleep with the whitening strips applied to your teeth. Over usage can be dangerous. While no damage is permanent damage with whitening products/procedures, excessive use can result in considerable tooth sensitivity and gum blanching if the strips happen to come in contact with a user’s gums. It is important to realize that your teeth will not go from yellow to white overnight, so there is not reason to try to make that happen.

Results depend on the user

Every set of teeth is different. One person may have no sensitivity issues while another may have major sensitivity issues. Usage instructions do not account for sensitivity, as it is impossible to know how a product will affect customers from a case by case standpoint. Therefore, the first few times you use whitening strips may act as trial and error. Just base the application on the amount of sensitivity you are feeling. If your tooth sensitivity is off the charts then you would be wise use the strips for a lesser amount of time moving forward.

Teeth whitening kits do assist with tooth sensitivity, however. In fact, Xpress Whitening offers the Quantum Whitening kit which includes two Vitamin E Swabs. The swabs are meant to treat sensitivity.

It’s also a good idea to…

Discuss whitening treatments with your dentist

You should get the go ahead from your dentist before dabbling in teeth whitening products. Dental issues such as cavities can react negatively when exposed to certain ingredients. So, if you are considering teeth whitening, run it by your dentist during your next dental checkup. The combination of getting your dentist’s approval, following instructions and using common sense should have your teeth pearly white in no time!

Xpress Whitening

Whitening strips are a good option, though, they can take awhile to produce results and they are not guaranteed to produce results. Experts at Xpress Whitening recommend you have your teeth whitened professionally. Our procedures are harmless, quick and effective! We promise you an improved smile. Call us today at (469) 340-3200 to schedule an appointment. Also, please visit our blog for additional helpful teeth whitening information.