What to Know about Whitening Toothpaste

Remember the days when the only option you had to make your teeth whiter was to brush them more often? Well, times have changed. Now, individuals in Allen, TX can obtain whiter teeth through professional whitening, whitening kits, whitening strips and whitening toothpaste. If you want whiter teeth, take your pick! Of course, the simplest option is to use whitening toothpaste. Here’s why:

Whitening toothpaste is not as extreme as the other options. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in paste is far less than the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in whitening trays and strips. In case you are unfamiliar, hydrogen peroxide is the primary ingredient used in whitening products. It can effectively whiten teeth; however, it can also cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Because less hydrogen peroxide is used in whitening toothpaste, the risk of sensitivity is also less. In fact, your teeth may suffer no sensitivity issues whatsoever.

Maintain healthy teeth while whitening

The thing about whitening toothpaste is it doesn’t stray from the primary function of toothpaste—to clean teeth. As much as we think brushing teeth is meant to keep teeth white or to make teeth whiter, the action is actually meant to keep teeth healthy or to improve teeth health.

Whitening-specific toothpaste focuses on dental health just like regular toothpaste. The only difference is whitening paste contains hydrogen peroxide.

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Think of your teeth whitening options like this…

Whitening toothpaste prioritizes dental health and secondarily whitens teeth, while in-office whitening, whitening kits and whitening strips prioritize whitening teeth and have little to no impact on dental health.

The use of hydrogen peroxide is considerably greater in the alternative options to whitening toothpaste. For this reason, a participant would see quicker results from any one of the alternative options. On the other hand, whitening toothpaste would produce slower, more gradual results.

No change in your daily routine

Avoiding a change in routine is another benefit to using whitening paste. You can literally stick to brushing twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Though, brushing with whitening toothpaste is more effective when you do so after each meal. Again, the product is more so about cleaning teeth by treating and preventing stains caused by food and certain dark-colored drinks.

If you are okay with gradual improvements to the shade of your teeth, whitening paste is ideal. You just have to swap out your original toothpaste with the whitening kind. You can do this temporarily or long-term, it’s up to you. Plus, you’ll avoid the meticulousness of applying whitening trays or strips to your teeth for a specific amount of time throughout the week and you’ll avoid potential tooth sensitivity issues.

Ultimately, using teeth whitening toothpaste is a win-win-win …whiter teeth, healthier teeth, and no change in routine.

Xpress Whitening

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