Teeth whitening treatments are gaining in popularity, and for good reason. They offer quick, routine procedures to turn teeth from yellow to pearly white. A customer can have an improved smile within weeks. But, before you get too excited at the opportunity for whiter teeth, understand that whitening is not for everyone. Specifically, it is not for those with cavities or tooth decay.

Cavities and Teeth Whitening—Not a Good Combination

If you haven’t already been told by a dentist, let us be the first to inform you that cavities do not get along well with whitening gels. The bleach used in teeth whitening is most part hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical that can perturb overly sensitive teeth. Even a completely healthy tooth can become irritated by whitening bleach. Thus, an unhealthy tooth (A.K.A a cavity) can cause significant irritation if coming in contact with the bleach. In some cases, teeth imposed by the cavity/bleach combination can be permanently ruined.

Angry Tooth Character

Tooth Decay and Teeth Whitening…Also Not a Good Idea

Similarly, a decayed tooth will also amp up sensitivity. Ultimately, you want your teeth to be healthy at the time of a whitening treatment. If one of more of them are not healthy, you may be in for a painful few days, at the very least. All it takes is treatment before treatment. Be sure to have cavities filled and your teeth restored before undergoing whitening treatment. Once your dentist repairs any subpar teeth, you should be okay to proceed with your chosen teeth improving method.

Be mindful that crowns will not change color or become white as a result of teeth whitening. Furthermore, it may not be an ideal look for all but one of your teeth to be pearly white, particularly if that one tooth is in a noticeable place.

ALWAYS See a Dentist Prior to Teeth Whitening

100% of the time, be sure to get the go ahead from your Frisco, TX dentist before having your teeth professionally whitened, using whitening strips, tooth paste, or trays. Even if you brush everyday and have never had a problem, it is still wise to get an expert opinion on any type of treatment. You may even be able to get the green light from your dentist over the phone. If your dentist has just recently checked on your teeth then he/she should be able to recall their overall health and skim through your dental records.

Without a doubt, you’ll feel better once you get a professional’s approval. From there, schedule a whitening appointment or purchase a teeth whitening kit. Those are the two surest ways to a whiter smile; however, alternative options should do the trick as well.

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