The teenage years are the most impressionable ones. Kids tend to become very self-conscious of their looks, trying to figure out how exactly to fit in or stand out. It won’t mean everything; however, a white smile can make a difference in outside perception.  If your teenager wants a whiter smile, there are a number of ways to make it happen without having to rely on excessive brushing (something most teenagers rarely take interest in). One way is through teeth whitening kits…

Dentist Approval

Teenage teeth can be sensitive and vulnerable; therefore, it’s wise to speak with a dentist before exploring any teeth whitening options. An expert opinion will provide closure in knowing that your teenager’s teeth can handle the agents used in whitening products. In situations of uncertainty, it’s always best to consult a professional. If you want protect your kid’s dental health, get the approval of a dentist first and foremost. Trust us, your dentist has been asked about teeth whitening before.

Choose the Right Product

Once you get the go ahead from the dentist, it’s time to find the right whitening product. A whitening kit is ideal for teenage use. Whitening kits are generally affordable. They are reliable, simple to use and effective. Kits typically include a whitening tray, gels and sometimes strips. Xpress Whitening’s Quantum Whitening Kit consists of professional strength whitening gel, a thermosense technology tray, mini accelerator LED light and two Vitamin E Swabs to aid possible tooth sensitivity.

Whitening kits are the closest thing you will find to in-office professional teeth whitening. Often times, some of the same tools used by the professionals are included in kits. Results are consistent and product usage is safe.

Responsible Usage

We all know how teenagers can be: impatient, rebellious, irresponsible, lazy. Not to say that your teenager has any of those characteristics; however, those are the traditional stereotypes for teenagers. Point being, make sure you supervise your kiddo to ensure he/she is using the whitening product correctly. Teeth whitening kits’ instructions are usually straight forward, though, they require routine use and specific gel application in order to produce the best results.

Monitor Progress

As the product is being used, monitor the progress. Teeth whitening kits should start showing whiter results within the first two weeks of usage. Usage recommendations vary per product so one product may show results slower or faster than others. Or, instructions may give the user ranges, such as percentage of gel to apply or hours of application. The teenager can play around with the recommendations to find a comfortable and satisfying rate of whitening. Just be sure he/she stays within the range of recommendations.

If you have any questions about teeth whitening kits, whether for your teenager or yourself, give Xpress Whitening a call at (469) 340-3200. We’ll be happy to explain the process and go over your options. You can also schedule an appointment with us or you can purchase our Quantum Whitening Kit if interested.