A gorgeous smile will boost your self-esteem and confidence. A teeth whitening treatment can transform your smile into something that looks like it is straight out of a magazine. If the right people do the work, you can end up with a smile that blinds people in a good way. Here are a few ways that a healthy white smile can change your life.

Wipes out Coffee and Tea Stains

Two of the culprits that can cause you to have stains on your teeth are coffee and tea. Our professional teeth whitening healthy smile services will get those stains off of your teeth over a short period of time.

Woman Receiving a Teeth Cleaning

Brings Dull Smiles Back to Life

Another way that teeth whitening can transform your smile is by brightening up those dull spots that naturally appear over time. That way, you will have a nice, white look instead of something that leans toward being grayish or yellowish.

Makes You Want to Smile More

Once you look in the mirror at your transformed teeth, your frame of mind will be transformed. You will want to smile more often because your teeth look so gorgeous. You’ll start holding your head up higher and being more sociable with people because you’ll know that you looked amazing with your newly pearly white teeth. All that is worth making an appointment and getting it done. You deserve to pamper yourself a little bit today for a long-term gain.

How It Works

The teeth cleaning process uses lasers to take the stains off of your teeth. Instead of making you wear bleaching trays or some other appliance to whiten your teeth, the specialist will use a laser and directly attack the areas that need to be transformed. The process is highly effective and works quite well for the majority of patients that take the treatment. Staining that comes from certain antibiotics and certain disorders are more stubborn and difficult to get rid of. The treatment is off enough to get the average person’s teeth up to 20 shades lighter than what they have been. Schedule your appointment today.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening at Xpress Whitening

You don’t want to get your whitening done by just anybody. You want to make sure that the people you get to do your teeth whitening treatment in Dallas have experience, innovative technology, and positive attitudes. All of the specialists at Xpress Whitening have those qualities and more. You don’t have to obligate yourself to any treatment as of yet. You can first schedule a consultation by calling or texting 469-340-3200.OR you can use the online form to send an email and someone will contact you to set up your appointment. After that, you’ll go in to have your smile transformed into something amazing. Why wait any longer? A beautiful and happy white smile are both waiting for you right at Xpress Whitening.