Our state of the art laser teeth whitening procedure is non-invasive and done quickly in about an hour or less, this means you can go about your day without the hassle of spending the whole day stuck in a dental office waiting on a procedure. Your oral care shouldn’t be a headache and we are here to help make it a pleasurable, easy visit with lasting results. We have friendly, trained staff to help assist you with your needs.

We have 3 options for our Xpress Whitening:

20 minutes

The most minimal whitening done works best for already pearly whites with this single treatment.

Woman Receiving Teeth Whitening Treatment

40 minutes

Also known as a double treatment, where the procedure is repeated twice and you will be in and out in under an hour. This treatment works best for noticeable results.

60 minutes

Our thrice repeated step for deeper stains, creating a dramatic result.

Our tried and true technology will guarantee you a great smile that will have you noticed. Build your confidence and schedule your appointment with us today. We will have you looking and feeling like you should and our experts can help you achieve your desired smile. With our affordable pricing and new customer discount, you can relax knowing that our professionals can give you the rundown of our process in detail, reassuring you’ve made the right choice by sticking with us for your dental treatments.

Healthy smiles are important, it’s one of the main things you show the world. We have experience in providing whitening services in the Dallas area for years, you can see for yourself. When searching for express teeth whitening, it’s important to look for reviews as well as in-depth answers to questions you might have. Our offices have a great standing with returning customers. Come see why we are one of the best providers in Dallas. Your Healthy smile goals start here, where we make it our priority.

Sure there are other competitors out there. They may have lower prices and maybe even quicker whitening time, but here at Xpress Whitening, we carefully put our time and effort into each client. We use top of the line products and technology to guarantee the best quality teeth whitening for the price, offering you the best service available. Our Dallas locations and friendly staff are ready to serve you and give you that million dollar healthy smile you have been dreaming about. Schedule your appointment today!