More and more people are electing to have their teeth whitened. With the teeth whitening options currently available, why not go for an improved, more attractive smile? Though there are many options, two stand out as the quickest and most effective: laser teeth whitening and teeth whitening trays.

Which option is the best?

The case for teeth whitening trays

Teeth whitening trays are meant to make your teeth some 5-8 shades whiter. The use of a tray is relatively straight forward. The tray generally comes as part of an entire kit. Whitening kits include a tray, gel and remedies for possible sensitivity issues. A user just has to follow the basic directions for application and usage and he/she will be on his/her way to a whiter smile.

One of the primary positives regarding the use of a teeth whitening tray is its convenience. It basically acts as a temporary retainer. You can apply the tray while you are sleeping so it doesn’t affect your public appearance. It varies per product; however, you will likely have to use the tray for a few hours a night for 2-3 weeks. Consistent use is key or else you may not see the results which you desire.

Teeth whitening trays are easy and safe to use. As opposed to laser teeth whitening, in-home use does not require the use of heat to execute the whitening. Rather, the built-in hydrogen peroxide spreads oxygen molecules throughout the enamel of each tooth. The tray protects your teeth while the gel whitens them. All whitening kits should come with a gel. If you purchase just the tray then you will have to purchase the right gel alongside in order to whiten your teeth.

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The case for laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is of course done professionally. You will have to schedule an appointment with your dentist or with a teeth whitening clinic. Appointments last roughly an hour and the actual teeth whitening procedure even less.

How does laser teeth whitening work?

Essentially, specialists will start by protecting a patient’s gums through the application of a protective agent. The whitening gel is meant only for teeth, not for gums. Once the protective layer is added, the gel will be applied under a halogen light (most commonly). The halogen helps to heat the gel to quicken the process, as well as to rid of stains in a more effective manner.

You will want to get the go ahead from your dentist prior to undergoing laser teeth whitening. Reason being, teeth whitening can be dangerous to your teeth if they are oversensitive or if you have existing cavities. As long as you get the go ahead, professional teeth whiteners will take it from there. It’s a routine process as long as it is done professionally.

Xpress Whitening

Xpress Whitening can help you with both laser teeth whitening and whitening trays. Our licensed professionals are more than capable of giving you a brighter smile! We offer single, double and triple treatments in order to get your teeth to the shade of white that you wish. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (469) 340-3200.

In regard to whitening trays, Xpress Whitening offers the Quantum Whitening Kit. Our kit contains all of the necessary materials to successfully whiten teeth. In fact, the kit includes some supplies that are identical to the ones the professionals use. We’re here to tell you that each whitening technique will do the job; however, we understand customer preferences.

Call us to set up an appointment or to obtain a top-notch kit, whitening tray included. Please visit our blog for additional helpful information about teeth whitening.