Are your teeth not up to your standards? Or are you looking for a quick way to accomplish a whiter smile? Then professional teeth whitening is for you! Innovations and advancements have resulted in teeth whitening products and teeth whitening services. No longer do you have to quadruple the number of times you brush your teeth in a day (though there is nothing wrong with that) to get white teeth. There are simpler ways in today’s day and age. Here is how you turn yellow teeth into white teeth:

The Professional Route

Your best results are going to come via the professional route. There are products available; however, user application makes user error possible. Plus, it’s better to rely on someone who whitens teeth for a living rather than using whitening products on your own while looking into a mirror. Not to say that you can’t successfully get white teeth on your own, but there is just slightly more risk involved. It would be a waste of time and money if you don’t get the results you were looking for with whitening products. On the other hand, professionals will guarantee a whiter smile.

Express Whitening has offices in Allen, TX and Frisco, TX. Each office consists of licensed professional teeth whiteners dedicated to improving each customer’s smile. We have a service structure in place that has greatly benefited customers over the years. The service options include a single treatment, double treatment or triple treatment. Each whitening treatment will take roughly twenty minutes and each aims to whiten teeth by a particular number of shades. The treatments are identical; it’s just up to you how many times you want to be treated in a single session—1, 2, or 3.

Furthermore, our professional teeth whitening treatments are noninvasive. A patient’s gums are protected and a whitening gel is applied directly to the teeth. Ultimately, the only discomfort a customer may feel is tooth sensitivity. Though, tooth sensitivity is generally moderate and there are a number of ways to either rid of it or prevent it.

Before and After Teeth Whitening

Quantum Whitening Kit

The next best option is to use a teeth whitening kit. Kits enable a very similar whitening to the professional way. In fact, some items included in teeth whitening kits are the same as the ones professionals use. The difference is it is up to you to properly use the kit to turn your teeth from yellow to white. It’s a similar application as well and, if used correctly, your smile will improve much quicker than the use of whitening tooth pastes or strips.

Xpress Whitening offers the Quantum Whitening Kit. Our specialized kit aims to whiten a customer’s teeth within 5-7 days. All the necessary items are included in our Quantum Whitening Kit, including Vitamin E swabs to aid the possibility of sensitive teeth. 15 minutes devoted each day to this product and you will have yourself an improved smile!

If you have questions about treatment or pricing, or if you want to schedule an appointment, contact Xpress Whitening. You can reach us at (469) 340-3200. We’ll get you set up at the location closest to you, whether that be Frisco or Allen. Please visit our company blog for additional teeth whitening input.