Teeth whitening is becoming more and more common. People want bright smiles, it’s as simple as that. We smile many times throughout a given day. Why not maximize your smile’s potential with pearly white teeth?If you decide to enhance your smile, know that your teeth whitening avenues are either professional-based or product-based. Obviously, professionally whitened teeth is the most reliable option, and you can expect outstanding results by going the professional route. However, product-based teeth whitening is a common choice as well. Many people will purchase specific teeth whitening toothpaste or whitening strips. Though, your best bet is to purchase an actual teeth whitening kit.

Xpress Whitening presents to you the Quantum Whitening kit! This unique product is the best of both worlds: it was created by professionals and it presents a take-home option for consumers who do not want to experience the teeth whitening procedure at a professional clinic. Thus, we deem it a professional teeth whitening system with dental office strength! Here is how you will benefit from Quantum Whitening:

Easy to Use

Quantum Whitening is simple five-step process. You will see step-by-step directions on the packaging. The instructions are meant for new users; therefore, they are direct but detailed. We want you to be able to use the product without any confusion or hesitation.

Whitening Kit

Quick Treatment

Treatment is a breeze. All you have to do is devote 15 minutes of your day to this product and you will have yourself an improved smile. The gel included in the package is aimed to supply 5-7 days’ worth of treatment. Each treatment requires only a single drop of gel.

Built to aid sensitive teeth

For those of you with sensitive teeth, we have you covered. Each product package includes two Vitamin E swabs. If you experience any tissue irritation, all you will have to do is dispense a small amount of Vitamin E on the affected tissue. You will see instructions for this process on the packaging as well, under “Vitamin E Swab”.

Results in a grand smile

5-7 days after purchasing the product, Quantum Whitening will have given you a grand smile to reveal to the world! You will no longer have any reason to refrain from smiling. In fact, you will want to smile even when it isn’t necessary.

Included in the kit

  • 5CC of Professional Strength Whitening Gel (1)
  • Duplex Thermosense Technology Tray (1)
  • Mini Accelerator LED Light (1)
  • Vitamin E Swabs (2)

As you can see, there is little to keep track of when purchasing Quantum Whitening. The tools included in the kit are similar, if not identical to the ones you will see at a professional visit.


For more information on Quantum Whitening, contact its creator, Xpress Whitening. We will provide our expert advice on teeth whitening in general, as well as the kit specifically.