Teeth whitening is becoming more and more common in today’s dental world. Reason being, there are now a number of reliable options available to accomplish a successful teeth whitening. Teeth whitening specific products such as whitening toothpaste and whitening strips can be purchased at local convenience stores. Additionally, dental agencies have become enlightened by the teeth whitening movement and have developed their own procedures and products to offer clients. With all of these available options, one question stands out…what is the most effective way to whiten teeth?

Professional Teeth Whitening

99 times out of 100, the professional route is going to be the best option for practically everything. Attempting something as a novice is always going to carry some risk. Even if you have step by step instructions, it’s simply difficult to do anything perfectly in the first attempt, and everyone is different so what might work for some people might not work for you.

This perspective applies to teeth whitening. There are ways to whiten teeth on your own, but why pass up on having them whitened by a professional? After all, professionals have effectively executed teeth whitening procedures countless times and will be looking at YOUR teeth to give you a treatment that is personalized just for you. This is the most effective way to whiten.

For example, the experts at Xpress Whitening whiten teeth for a living. In fact, Xpress Whitening’s entire business revolves around teeth whitening. We understand the basic hesitancies towards the professional way, mostly regarding people’s irritation with another person working on their teeth. Please understand, professional whitening is not a dentist appointment. You wouldn’t be participating as part of a yearly check-up; you would be participating because you want white teeth. It’s our job to make them white.

Xpress Whitening offers three treatment levels—single treatment, double treatment, and triple treatment. Each treatment is completed within 20-30 minutes. In that short span of time, you will get the result that you desire. For more specific procedure details, please visit the treatment page on our website. Any one of these levels may be the most effective way to whiten based on the strength of your teeth.

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Teeth Whitening Kit

If you prefer not to go the professional route, then you would be best served by a teeth whitening kit. Teeth whitening kits are the closest thing to a professional whitening. Kits come with a spread of supplies, including a whitening tray. The whitening tray is what the user would bite down into in order to apply the whitening gel. Kits are effective, but there aren’t a ton available as of yet. As a matter of fact, whitening kits seem to have just recently surfaced in the whitening realm.

Xpress Whitening offers a teeth whitening kit, labeled as the Quantum Whitening kit. Quantum Whitening is a proven success. It presents a simple five-step process to a whiter smile. Additionally, this particular kit includes all of the necessary tools needed to effectively whiten teeth. The purchase of Quantum Whitening will give you access to some of the exact tools that the professionals use.

Whether you decide to take the professional route or the whitening kit route, Xpress Whitening has you covered. We are here to help! We can also give you the specifics on our Quantum Whitening kit, available for purchase. Xpress Whitening looks forward to helping you brighten your smile!