Can I whiten my teeth in 1 day?

We live in a world where everything is needed right away. Nobody is okay with waiting anymore. The good news is businesses are catching onto our demanding world. No longer do you have to wait for a music album to be released; instead, you can find the songs you are looking for on iTunes, or Spotify, or Pandora, in just seconds. You don’t have to go to ticket offices to get tickets for concerts or sporting events anymore. Now, you can purchase them online in a matter of minutes. Well, guess what? The teeth whitening business has caught on as well! There are ways now for someone to whiten their smile within a single day. How is this possible?

Professional Whitening

The work of a professional is always going to be your best bet. A pro will guarantee his/her performance and leave little to no worry for the consumer. Accordingly, teeth whitening specialists will assure you whiter teeth after a single appointment. Specialists have executed teeth whitening procedures hundreds, perhaps even thousands of times.

Whitening specialists at Xpress Whitening can guarantee you a smile that is 2-6 shades whiter after the first treatment. Plus, the treatment will take only 20 minutes. Imagine walking in and out of an appointment in 20 minutes with an improved smile. Who wouldn’t want that? If you would like your teeth to go whiter, Xpress Whitening offers a double and triple treatment as well. The whitening process is repeated based on you choice of treatment.

Man Getting his Teeth Whitened

Whitening Products

You’re probably familiar with the various types of teeth whitening tooth pastes and strips now made available. These have a successful track record; however, they do not show results within a day. The type of whitening product that will give you the most immediate results is a teeth whitening kit. Teeth whitening kits are gradually becoming more common, but many people are still in the dark in regards to this innovative product. These kits aim to mimic the tool used by professionals. While they may not be identical, you’d be surprised at how similar teeth whitening kits are to the equipment used by the pros.

Xpress Whitening offers the Quantum Whitening kit. It comes with step by step instructions for use. You will be amazed by the impact our kit has on your teeth.

No-cost whitening

There are whitening options using various foods, seasonings, and juices from around your house. For example, banana peels can whiten your teeth. You can cut the peel into pieces and rub one of the pieces throughout your teeth. In addition, you can mix apple cider vinegar with water and gargle the combination before brushing your teeth, as if it were a Listerine mouth wash.

There are all sorts of cheap ways and cheat codes to teeth whitening, yet, they won’t produce the immediate results like professional whitening or whitening kits. Nor will the results be as effective. These creative whitening techniques are meant to whiten teeth over a few weeks rather than a day.

By now, you should be aware of the benefits Xpress Whitening offers your pearly whites, or desired pearly whites. We have the knowledge and techniques to improve your smile instantly, and to do so in a controlled manner. The best teeth whitening options are made available to you at our office. Contact Xpress Whitening today to brighten your smile! Also, visit our blog page for additional teeth whitening information.